BC-D diesel pump test bench

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Main technical parameters
1, drive mode frequency control
2, the spindle turning positive, reverse
3, spindle speed range 0-4000 / points
4, motor power 15KW
5, the oil tank capacity 80 l
6, size 1600X960X1750 (MM)
7, the net mass 1300KG

Three, function introduction
Performance tests completed parts of lubrication system of diesel engine, provides powerful detection means for research and development and quality control.
1, the oil pump: pump speed detection, flow, pressure, power and the characteristic curve
2, centrifugal filter: detection of centrifugal filter speed, pressure and the flow characteristic curve
3, oil pressure automatic stop device: adjustment and detection of low oil pressure and parking device completely stop time
4, the safety valve opening pressure: safety valve adjusting and testing
5, the pressure regulating valve: regulating and detecting the voltage range and oil
6, CPU control survey, LCD liquid crystal display
7, automatic printing
8, with the network data transmission function
9, power supply AC380V10, 50Hz

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